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Welcome to GPI Internet Dear teacher,

In November 2011, the Board adopted a new Information and Communication Technology Appropriate Use policy (DG-25). This policy applies to the all of the telecommunication and computing infrastructure, equipment, services and software provided or used by the EMSB.

As per the policy, it is necessary for all employees to acknowledge having read the terms of this policy in order to continue accessing the EMSB ICT resources; i.e. computers, printers, email, DOFIN, GPI, etc.

To complete the acknowledgment process, simply click here to access the special web page. Once there follow the link to the policy document and then click acknowledge button on the bottom right of the page. You may be asked to login to the web page, if so please use your EDUportal login not your GPI login.

For information or questions regarding this policy or the process, please contact your school or centre principal. Should you have problems logging in contact the help desk at 7400 or afterhours at 8400.

Ann Watson,
Director, Human Resources
Sandra Furfaro,
Director of Educational and Technology Services

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